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Pentecost 2012: Breath

Acts 2: 1-21 We creep quietly into the room, peer over the side of the crib and look and listen.  We don’t hear anything, and we wait, holding our own breath to see the soft rise and fall of the … Continue reading

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Easter 6 2012: Let’s be friends

We are with Jesus in that upper room; a few lamps flicker against the dark.  The room is stone, small, chilly.  We are not known for our intellectual pedigree or spiritual excellence; we are a group of Jesus-followers: some fishermen, … Continue reading

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Kitchen window

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The patio garden grows


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5 Easter: Loved by a real Jesus

How many people here have a vineyard?  I thought so.  How many of us routinely use the word “abide” in our daily conversations?  I thought so.  So this is a very difficult passage for us.  Wait a minute … How … Continue reading

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