Advent1c_2012: Advent …

Challenges are part of life, of course.  This week, I was challenged in a liturgical way: how might our Sunday worship incorporate “the kirkin’ o the tartans (a St. Andrew’s day celebration, really),” a children’s sermon for the first Sunday of the month, bringing our congregation’s “full tummys” ministry to the forefront, and, by the way, this is the first Sunday of Advent!  Hmm…

I am going with Advent.  And waiting.  And trusting God and the Holy Spirit to get everything just right.

The “sermon” is an Advent project in which we unwrap a box, one wrapping paper layer at a time, until we reveal the light of Christ in the center (a white candle and a piece of white cloth for swaddling clothes).  In between, we will think about what waiting is like, what it might be like to be hungry for food and for God.  We are celebrating the beginning of our new year with the music of bagpipes and the sounds of celebration, and always, always looking to and for the light of Christ.

We are fed at our Lord’s Table.  We will come back to this table, next week, next Advent, each day if we may, and we will be fed.

Come, Lord Jesus!

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