The Baptism of our Lord

I did not write out a full sermon for today.  Instead, I have prayed and prayed and made some notes.  In church, the children (of all ages, as I am apt to say — 4 to 94) and I will gather at the baptismal font and learn about baptism.  There is water for hands to splash in, fragrant oil of chrism to tickle our noses, the sight and heat of the paschal candle, ever reminding us of Jesus the Christ.  I hope that we remember that this thing called worship is “earthy,” even when it is bathed in robes and incense and measured movements.  Worship takes all of our senses, and through it we meet our Lord again and again.  Pray that the experience is ever new, ever creating, ever deepening our adoration, our worship of our Lord.  Come, Holy Spirit, come!

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One Response to The Baptism of our Lord

  1. Brenda McClendon says:

    Yes! LOVE IT! Yum!
    In Christ, we can REALLY be children again. Children of The King!

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