Lima beans and Lent

It’s lima bean day. *sigh* I am not even sure why I have them, but there they are in the freezer, freezer-burned, stuck together — that half bag of lima beans. I have to eat them sometime, and today’s the day. They will be mixed into a soup made of other leftover things: a bit of chicken, some carrots, limp-ish celery, green beans, and broth. I’m sharing the carrots and green beans with Lucky dog. He loves them both. And the lima beans? They are part of my lenten discipline of eating what I have. I have made a conscious effort to clean the cupboard, refrigerator, and freezer, and to eat the food that I already have. My goal was to waste less: food, time, money, and to stop needless trips to a convenient grocery store in answer to my daily question: “What will I eat?” I will eat what I have; there is food in the house. There has been something freeing in this intentionality of eating and using what I already have. Fewer trips to the store, and more mindful trips when I choose to go (and do not mindlessly turn my car into the parking lot). What could I make with this, or that? It has been a good discipline, and I hope to continue the practice in a positive way. I need far less food than what I buy. I haven’t been hungry. I have enjoyed homemade granola mixed with yogurt and frozen fruit. I have treated myself to making those brownies; I think it’s time to make the bread. I loved the lentils and rice, but that’s gone now. I wavered – a lot – when a respiratory infection found me craving chicken wings – hot, spicy protein. I bought a rotisserie chicken. And the meat on the bones is making my soup today, and when I think about those who have no food, or no heat, or who have the discipline to use what they have … I know that my crockpot concoction will be satisfying if not delicious. I don’t particularly care for lima beans, except mixed in with a pot of other flavors, primarily the one of being thankful in all things and for all things. Thank you, God, for all things.

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1 Response to Lima beans and Lent

  1. Sr. Brenda Faith says:

    GREAT IDEA for Lenten Discipline!

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